9.7 501c(3) Notes

SOURCE: Executives College Primmer, Section 9.7

  1. Most folks have an unrealistic belief as to the nature of a Non-Profit. Though they are used by churches etc. they are not Religious Organizations per se. They are classified as “Special Corporations”. You can, for instance, have 501 in support of the legal prostitution industry in Nevada.
  2. These numbers reference the 501 regs. Here presented for discussion.
    2.1 #134 Definition of “Activities having a religious purpose.
    2.2 ”#136 Church construction for retreat center a for-profit business. Not exempt under 501 c(3) rules.
    2.3 #130 The Court determines Family, not a church organization.
    2.4 #128 Income from a secular job turned over to the church is not tax-exempt.
    2.5 #139 Legislation influencing activities; 501 may not attempt to influence legislation. Also #140 141 a gag order, the Revolutionary War was promoted from the pulpits.
    2.6 Religious activities Presidents 101, 237 The state defines what is Religious
    2.7 A 501c(3) may not defy “Public Policy.” e.g., “Same-Sex Marriage.” Or the company health insurance plan must offer to provide Abortions to church staff.

I have 501c(3) Solutions which maintain the Sovereign Church capacity and satisfy the Legal as well. Ask us for the “Letter of finding” for the Non-Profit.

Ad nauseam warning.

“I am not a credentialed tax person. I make no claims about the validity of anything said here. It would be foolish of you to take tax advice from me or any other person not credentialed to give such advice.

It is incumbent upon you to get verified findings from a “credentialed tax priest” for any strategies you may want to use.

You cannot rely on anyone other than yourself to determine the legality of the documents you sign and send to the Tax Man. The IRS even has a code site that effectively says;

“You may not rely on an IRS agent to explain the tax law to you.”

[IRS regulations]

Be aware, that I present this work as my understanding and experience. I own it. I invite you to make up your own mind.

Test it, don’t trust it. Look it up, and take good notes on dated pages.

This is the most profitable line of study one can undertake.

One last time, a warning. For most folks, The Cost of Government is the most expensive thing you will purchase in your lifetime.

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