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Gino, After a meeting to plan my business rescue. 

I wanted you to know how much I love this!

Just put my boy to sleep, and I lay there bubbling with excitement for what's unfolding in front of me...

I had to get up and re-read your review of our meeting...This pure excitement has me wanting more and more like someone just opened the door to a world of my deepest desires...

I feel a huge level of activation inside me and a sense of humble humility to be "coached" or "mentored" in these ways...

I can honestly say that we are in a bit of a financial crisis right now and yet, with all the anxiety, I also have overwhelming waves of trust and prosperity flow through... I'm no longer playing small and the "poor me" game... I'm moving energy and taking action.

M**** L****.


"I participated in a several month-long, weekly Prosperity Consciousness course with Gino, and had such a powerful experience with his mentorship and presence. His lifelong practice and tangible experience in conscious business, management, and manifestation have made him a rare and invaluable resource for budding business owners, or simply people wanting to uplevel their lives Not to mention, Gino's beautiful faith, depth of heart, and willingness to go above and beyond the call to support his community, makes him a true man of Service. I would recommend anyone, to seize the opportunity to work with this gem of a human." 

Ritual Embodiment™

Monique Trinity Rose


In just over one month Gino taught me how to organize my thoughts, gave me tools to focus my ambitions, and helped draw out a clear path to the success I have envisioned. His obvious immense knowledge of how to be a successful Entrepreneur and generous, willingness to impart this knowledge is truly inspiring and incredibly motivating.



I have been an accountant for almost 20 years. After meeting Gino, I now, for the first time, have a budget and I’m sticking to the plan. Before I had even finished the course I began paying off my debt and broke through that "ceiling". Just since then, my income has increased and my expenses have gone down. “Thank you.”


C.S.  Bookkeeping Services Medford OR 97504


“I read that book on Incorporating my business three times. After reading your little FMC sheet, I finally understand what I read. Your work is like a Rosetta Stone.”

~ Random comment after an all-day workshop